On-demand bus service picks ultrasonic technology for contactless ticketing

Busup bus using Lsinr contactless ticketing
CONTACTLESS: BusUp passengers can check in with their phone using ultrasonic data transmission

Travellers using BusUp’s on-demand, crowd-sourced buses for regular commutes or leisure trips can now authenticate their mobile boarding passes via a contactless verification system that uses ultrasonic data transmission technology.

BusUp allows businesses and individuals in Europe, the USA and South America to set up and share their own bus routes. It has now integrated an ultrasonic ‘person present’ authentication solution developed by US data-over-audio company Lisnr for contactless on-board check-ins.

“BusUp saw Lisnr as a safer and more efficient solution to QR code,” says Lisnr. “The fact that the technology works without an internet connection was imperative since BusUp is a global company providing services in areas with [a] less than stable internet connection, especially in Latin America where they are currently operating in Brazil and Peru.”

“Incorporating Lisnr technology into our on-boarding process is a real breakthrough for BusUp,” says BusUp CEO Rui Stoffel. “Thanks to Lisnr we can offer our daily passengers an even faster and safer contactless check-in on board.”

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