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Giant Eagle installs checkout-free technology at GetGo Café+Market store

Grabango self-checkout at Getgo Cafe
SELF-CHECKOUT: GetGo Café+Market customers can now pick up the items they want and checkout via their phone

US supermarket chain Giant Eagle has installed checkout-free technology at a GetGo Café+Market store in the Greater Pittsburgh area, enabling customers to simply walk into the store, select the items they wish to purchase and checkout via their mobile phone.

To use the service, shoppers download an iOS or Android app from technology provider Grabango and then enter the store and shop as usual — no check-in is required and there are no turnstiles at the front door.

“They then shop as usual,” Grabango says. “The system automatically accounts for all selected items.”

When customers have completed their shopping, they check out of the store using the app and then receive a digital receipt for their purchases.

“This opening is the industry’s first true retrofit of an existing store, operating seamlessly with the preexisting planogram and merchandise mix,” says Will Glaser, Grabango’s CEO. “The system was installed with no interruptions to store operations.”

“With Grabango, our GetGo guests are able to get in, get out and get going even faster with a more convenient, contactless, shopping experience,” adds Laura Karet, CEO of Giant Eagle.

“We look forward to success at our Fox Chapel GetGo and to rolling out more Grabango-powered convenience and grocery stores in the near future.”

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