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NFCW to open online exhibition on 21 September: Book your space now for priority positioning

NFCW Expo online exhibition  - Doors open 21 September
NFCW EXPO: Connects suppliers and new customers easily, efficiently and with no need to travel

NFCW is getting ready to open the doors on a new exhibition area in its Knowledge Centre that will provide readers with a way to continue launching new products, finding new customers and business partners and identifying potential new suppliers while trade shows are on hold.

“The NFCW Expo will enable industry suppliers to quickly, easily and cost-effectively connect with potential customers and business partners from all over the world, all year round, with no requirement to travel,” says NFCW editor Sarah Clark.

“You’ll be able to showcase your products and services, communicate the unique benefits of your offering, celebrate customer wins, demonstrate your thought and technical leadership, educate the market and begin to build a relationship with potential new customers from right across the world — just like you would if you were exhibiting at a key trade show.”


“Even the most senior executives are now taking an online-first approach to discovering new trends and technologies, learning about their potential benefits and use cases, understanding how they work and identifying and connecting with suppliers that can help explore how best to implement them,” she adds.

“That’s a trend that was already in place before the pandemic and has been accelerated fast due to Covid-19 and the cancellation of in-person gatherings.

“The role that conferences and trade shows performed was and is important, but the world has changed and we all need to be aware that we may never revert to the old environment”

“It’s also particularly strong among the enterprise-level early adopters that make up our audience.

“The NFCW Expo is designed to help suppliers adapt to the arrival of this new online-first buying journey, so they can engage with potential customers in a way that resonates with them today.

“Participating in our new service will help you learn how to leverage leading-edge online communications tools to continue growing your revenues today — and put you in the best possible position to turbocharge growth once travel restrictions begin to ease.”

“The role that conferences and trade shows performed was and is important, but the world has changed and we all need to be aware that we may never revert to the old environment,” Sarah adds.


“We’ve been building and nurturing NFCW’s audience online for more than a decade, so we know what works and we’re happy to share that knowledge with our exhibitors so they can quickly maximise the opportunity presented by this shift to an online-first approach.

“Online is also, of course, highly cost-efficient,” she points out. “There are no venue hire or construction costs to pay so we’ve been able to set prices so that participating in the NFCW Expo is affordable for even the smallest startup.”

Want to know how to take part in the NFCW Expo? Email [email protected] or register your interest here to find out more and get details of the benefits available to early birds who book before September 21.

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