Ghana switches on national instant QR mobile payments platform

Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS) universal QR code payment solution (GhQR) logo
INSTANT PAYMENT: Shoppers scan the GhQR code with their smartphone to pay via their mobile wallet

The Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS) has switched on a QR code-based mobile payments platform that uses a nationally harmonised QR symbol and instantly transfers funds from a consumer’s mobile wallet or bank account to the merchant’s.

“Ghana’s universal QR code payment solution (GhQR) allows customers to make instant payments for goods and services from different funding sources (mobile wallets, cards, bank accounts) by scanning a QR code on a smartphone. It also allows feature phone users to make payments using a USSD code provided by their payment service provider,” technology provider HPS says.

“GhQR rides on instant payment rails allowing merchants to receive payments instantly into their chosen accounts via a static or dynamic QR code,” it adds.

“We are excited to go live with this innovative QR code solution from HPS that allows us to continue to provide cutting-edge national electronic payments infrastructure to Ghanaians,” says GhIPSS CEO Archie Hesse.

“At this time, our quest towards a modern, cashless society is more important than ever and we are proud to be the first African country to implement this universal QR code solution.

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