Decathlon rolls out mobile self-checkout to 81 stores across Germany

NFC smartphone showing Decathlon Scan & Go mobile self-checkout app
MOBILE SELF-CHECKOUT: Decathlon Scan & Go reduces the need for shoppers to touch shop hardware

Sporting goods retailer Decathlon is rolling out its Scan & Go mobile self-checkout solution to all its stores across Germany, in response to the spread of Covid-19.

“The solution has clear customer benefits in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic; enabling shoppers to use their own device for the entire shopping journey instead of needing to touch store hardware, and eliminating the need to wait at a checkout,” says Stefan Hertkorn, store digitalisation leader at Decathlon Deutschland.

The retailer has previously announced plans to roll out the technology to all its stores in the Netherlands and has installed mobile self-checkout technology at a store in California and an outlet in Singapore.

Decathlon is using RFID tag-based technology from MishiPay for the German rollout.

“Customers simply scan and pay for items using their smartphone, automatically disabling the RFID security tag to leave them free to exit the store, minimising the need for contact with both humans and checkout devices, and improving levels of customer convenience,” MishiPay says.

A MishiPay video shows how the service works:

Scan & Go is currently live at Decathlon Deutschland stores in Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Schwetzingen and Plochingen “with more locations being added every week”.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to improve the in-store experience for our customers, and we have found that they are really enjoying using the MishiPay app,” Hertkorn says.

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