LG pilots face-based digital currency payments in unmanned convenience store

Woman wearing mask using LG CNS biometric payment POS
SOCIAL DISTANCING: LG’s payments solution enables customers to avoid contact with staff and POS

LG CNS is piloting a new payments solution that combines face recognition, a blockchain-based digital currency and AI technology to let shoppers enter an unmanned store, shop and check out — without needing to come into close contact with either employees or POS equipment.

The pilot is taking place at a convenience store located within the company’s headquarters in South Korea.

The technology has also been in place at its in-house restaurants and cafés since August 2019.

Shoppers arriving at the store use an entrance gate equipped with a face recognition camera to gain entry.

A video produced by LG CNS shows the system in operation and highlights its ability to recognise a customer even when they are wearing a face mask or sunglasses:

“By eliminating unnecessary contact between machines and people at the time of payment, the likelihood of a virus infection such as Covid-19 is greatly reduced,” LG says.

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