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Kenya to use hybrid NFC/RFID stickers for national vehicle identity system

Kenya’s National Transport and Safety Authority has issued a tender for a new vehicle identification system that will combine hybrid NFC/RFID windscreen stickers with a mobile app running on standard NFC smartphones to provide police and other agencies with “quick and reliable information on vehicles and their corresponding owner”.

Kenya's National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) Kenya logo

The tender document calls for an initial purchase of 500,000 of the hybrid stickers followed by an ongoing order of “about 1m annually”.

“To ensure integrity of vehicle registry, a new-look number plate and secured windshield third plate identifier is currently being implemented as a part of the modernisation and reforms in the transport sub-sector,” the tender document explains.

“Through the computerised windshield e-sticker that has anti-counterfeit features that include holograms, watermarks and laser markers, traffic enforcement officers will trace information on vehicles and their owners.

“This will help to identify vehicles involved in illegal actions and traffic violations.”

“Authorities, police and other agencies require quick and reliable information on vehicles and their corresponding owner,” the document adds.

“The hybrid tag uses a combination of RFID and NFC technology. This helps in automatic mass data acquisition on larger distances, eg on highways and case-by-case data logging through Kenya Traffic Police and NTSA personnel on the roads.”

The solution “is expected to provide [the] ability to read data in short distance (NFC) with no additional or specialised readers. The solution is expected to come with a high security app installed on normal mobile phones which gives full access to the corresponding available vehicle and owner data.”

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