Starling Bank adds connected cards for volunteer shoppers

Starling Bank Connected card debit card
TRUSTED PAYMENT: The Connected card enables volunteers to shop for people who are self-isolating

Customers of Starling Bank are now able to request an additional, specially restricted payment card that can be given to a friend, family member or volunteer shopper “to buy essential items on their behalf”.

“The Connected card has been designed to help personal account customers who are self-isolating during the coronavirus emergency and are relying on trusted friends, neighbours and community volunteers to get their shopping in,” the bank says.

“The cards avoid the need for IOUs, cash, contact, cheques or the exchange of sort codes and account numbers.

“Protected by a PIN and with a balance limit of £200 (US$246.68), the Connected card is secure and only permits users to spend in-store and not online. This gives the account holder control over their money when they’re unable to visit the shops themselves.”

“We know that getting in groceries and other essential items is a challenge for those who are self-isolating during the coronavirus emergency,” says Starling Bank CEO Anne Boden.

“So, we came up with a solution to help our customers pay for supplies bought for them by trusted friends and neighbours without the hassle of transferring money or handling cash.”

Customers are able to request a Connected card from within their mobile banking app “and should receive the new card within three to five working days”.

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