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Dutch banks raise cumulative contactless payments limit to €100

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DUTCH ACTION: Increase in cumulative contactless payment limit aims to combat spread of Covid-19

Banks in the Netherlands are seeking to combat the spread of Covid-19 by increasing the maximum value of contactless transactions that a cardholder can make before needing to enter a PIN to €100 (US$107.07), up from the previous €50 (US$53.54).

“The limit per payment is still €25 (US$26.77), above which you will be asked for a PIN code,” Dutch publication reports.

“However, there is also a cumulative limit, to prevent unlimited amounts of, for example, €24 (US$25.70) from being stolen with stolen bank cards.

“That limit was €50, but has been increased to €100. Consumers are therefore less likely to touch the buttons of the PIN device.”

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