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NFCW launches online conference and exhibition platform

NFCW editor Sarah Clark in a video presentation
SARAH CLARK: NFCW is opening early access to the new platform today

KNOWLEDGE CENTRE: The NFCW team has developed a new online conference and exhibition platform that lets readers quickly and easily share information on the innovative projects, products and services they are working on with our global audience of senior executives and technical specialists — and we’re opening early access today with some very special charter rates for sponsors and exhibitors.

Our new platform combines a video and webinar hosting facility we have integrated into the NFCW Knowledge Centre with a new presentation format that lets readers dial in from anywhere in the world to quickly and easily spread the word about their products and services — and easily access knowledge they are interested in, discover new products and services and get to know the team behind new innovations.

Formal and informal company presentations, project and product demos, customer case studies, technical workshops, multi-session conferences, panel discussions, Q&As, reports and thought leadership keynotes are all supported.

Build awareness

“For technology suppliers looking to build awareness of their products and services, our new platform will work in a similar way to booking an exhibition booth or sponsoring a conference,” says Sarah Clark, editor of NFCW.

“Our new platform will make it easy to shine a spotlight on the projects you are working on and the products you have developed.”

“Options will be available that let everyone from the smallest startup to the largest market leader quickly, easily and cost-effectively introduce themselves to our audience of senior executives and technical specialists around the world.

“Whether you’re working in banking, card issuing, payments, retail, transportation, packaging, ticketing, identity, NFC, RFID, biometrics, mobile or beyond, our new platform will make it easy to shine a spotlight on the projects you are working on and the products you have developed.

“All the technical integration work is now complete and the platform is ready to go live. Before we officially launch, though, we want to test out our production systems and processes with a limited number of early bird speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.

Early access

“To apply for early access, simply visit the NFCW Knowledge Centre to register your interest. If you are a supplier, we’ll also automatically lock in your eligibility for charter pricing. We’ll then follow up with you to share more details and discuss how you can get involved.”

“NFCW’s readers work at the leading edge of technology development and adoption,” Sarah adds. “They are creating the next generation of products and services and are the first to make them available to consumers.

“We can’t wait to start making available the first conference sessions and exhibition showcases and begin sharing our readers’ innovations with the world.”

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