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Mastercard unveils plan to let transit operators use biometrics to identify passengers

Mastercard president of cyber and intelligence solutions Ajay Bhalla
BHALLA: “unique” traits

Mastercard is working with transport operators on the development of new biometric ticketing solutions that will make it possible for passengers to be automatically identified as they board a service, the payments network has revealed.

“The payment provider is investigating innovative behavioural biometrics such as gait, face, heartbeat and veins for cutting-edge payment systems of the future,” MarketWatch reports.

“We are working with transport organisations where your face or gait will authenticate you,” Mastercard president of cyber and intelligence solutions Ajay Bhalla told the publication.

“The way you hold your phone, which ear you use, and how your fingers touch the buttons are all unique to you. We have been testing heartbeat, vein technology and the way people walk to authenticate people.”

“The gait technology is the most unusual,” MarketWatch explains.

“Closed-circuit television cameras would identify passengers approaching transport barriers. Once the system recognises the individual, it would let them pass after matching them with an account that is in credit or linked to a valid payment card.”

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