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Icici Bank lets customers withdraw cash with their mobile phones

Woman demonstrating Icici Bank cardless ATM
NO CARD REQUIRED: Icici Bank customers can now use their mobile phone to withdraw cash from its ATMs

Customers of India’s Icici Bank can now make a cash withdrawal at any of the bank’s 15,000 ATMs, using just their mobile phone.

To use the new Cardless Cash Withdrawal service, customers log in to the bank’s iMobile banking app, select ‘Cash Withdrawal at Icici Bank ATM’ from the services menu and enter the account they wish to make a withdrawal from and the amount they wish to withdraw. They then create a four-digit temporary PIN and submit their request.

Next, the bank sends them a one-time password (OTP) that they enter at a designated ATM, along with their mobile phone number, a temporary PIN and the withdrawal amount, to receive their funds.

The cash withdrawal request and the OTP are valid until midnight of the following day.

“Icici Bank has been at the forefront of digital innovations since its inception,” executive director Anup Bagchi says.

“We believe that this proposition of cash withdrawal from an Icici Bank ATM without using a debit card offers a speedy and unique experience to our customers.

“We at Icici Bank will continue to focus on innovations in technology at all channels and touch-points that will bring more convenience to the customers.”

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