NFC Forum releases four new specifications

The NFC Forum has released four new specifications designed to improve “the robustness and communications speed for the over two billion NFC-enabled devices, like smartphones, in use today”.

NFC Forum

Digital Protocol Technical Specification Version 2.2, Type 2 Tag to Type 5 Tag Technical Specification Version 1.1, Activity Technical Specification Version 2.1 and Profiles Technical Specification Version 1.0 can all make use of the NFC Forum’s Tag NFC Data Exchange Format Exchange Protocol Specification (TNEP), which has now been formally adopted.

TNEP was released as a candidate specification in June 2019 and is designed to provide a simplified alternative to P2P mode for bi-directional data exchange between two NFC devices.

“We are constantly improving on the global specifications to improve the overall user experience for NFC users,” says Mike McCamon, executive director of the NFC Forum.

“NFC Forum members take this responsibility very seriously as their decisions impact the majority of smartphone users and many businesses.

“The specifications we are announcing today enhance the quality of NFC communications and allow users to exchange more data, faster, in support of the rapid increase we are seeing in the use of TNEP.”

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