eMarketer identifies top countries for mobile payments adoption

Emarketer chart with global mobile payment users 2019
FAST AND SLOW: Of the 23 countries analysed, Mexico came bottom for mobile payments adoption

China remains the country with by far the highest mobile payments adoption rate, with 81.1% of smartphone owners making use of the technology, eMarketer reports.

Consumers in Denmark are the second highest adopters of in-store mobile payments at 40.9%, followed by India (37.6%), South Korea (36.7%) and Sweden (36.2%).

Germany (12.5%) and Mexico (10.2%), where the government has this month rolled out a national NFC and QR payments platform, currently have the lowest adoption rate among the 23 countries analysed by the market research firm.

The US (29%), Canada (26%), Norway (25.8%), Japan (25.3%) and Switzerland (22.3%) all come under a ‘high adoption’ category while Italy (21.1%), Indonesia (19.8%), the Netherlands (19.7%), UK (19.1%) and Australia (18.8%) all have moderate adoption rates.

Finland (17.9%), Russia (17.2%), Spain (16.5%), France (15.6%), Argentina (14.5%) and Brazil (14.5%) are all listed as being ‘slow to adopt’.

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