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NXP picks Cilab’s NFC tester to support customers developing EMV 3.0 POS terminals

Nxp's Renke Bienert in nfc test lab
“TEN OUT OF TEN”: NXP’s Renke Bienert recommends Cilab’s NFC tester to his customers

PARTNER NEWS: Cilab’s new ci230 high-speed testing suite is “a tool that has been missing for years,” Renke Bienert, senior principal engineer at NXP’s worldwide customer application and support team in Hamburg, has told NFC World.

“I would give this product a ten out of ten,” Bienert said. “It is quick, easy to use and gives you all the debug information you need.

“I am totally happy with my choice and actively recommend it to my customers.”

Rather than a typical ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ reading, Cilab’s ci230 high speed tester gives engineers precise readouts that can be used to debug, make adjustments and then re-test in the lab — before they submit a product for certification.

“While there are very good tools available for certification testing from many vendors, what has been missing is a debug and test tool that makes it easy to identify the root cause of any problems,” Bienert explained.

“Before you can fix something, you need to know the cause of the problem. Cilab’s ci230 lets you quickly and easily find your bug and fix it.”

“Engineers can then test, debug and make adjustments early and often in the development cycle. That way, they can be sure a new product will achieve a pass before they send it off for certification — and avoid wasting time and money submitting a completed product that doesn’t then pass first time.”

Before deciding to buy a Cilab ci230 to support his customers, Bienert conducted an extensive evaluation of all the options on the market using a modified device under test that he set up to deliberately produce an error.

“All the testing products correctly identified that there was an error but Cilab’s was the only tool to easily report the exact problem and let me see why,” he said. “You simply press the button and can see at what step it failed. I could see my problem straight away.

“Cilab was the only one that was able to tell me this additional information in a simple way.”

“The price is also really competitive,” he added. “And the guys at Cilab are very responsive. They are young, dynamic and highly skilled. I am very happy to propose this tool to my customers.”

The Cilab team are happy to provide support to NFC World readers experiencing NFC engineering and testing issues, by phone or email or in person at their lab in Graz, Austria. Email [email protected] and the team will get back to you straight away. You can also download detailed information on the ci230 from the NFC World Knowledge Centre.