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Detroit rolls out multi-operator transit ticketing app

Tram on road in Detroit, USA
SEAMLESS: Detroit travellers can now use the Dart mobile phone app to travel on public transport

Public transportation users in Detroit, Michigan, can now use their mobile phone as well as the city’s new contactless transit cards to purchase time-based travel passes that work seamlessly across multiple transportation operators.

The city’s new Dart service allows passengers to purchase travel passes in four-hour, 24-hour, seven-day and 31-day increments and then use them interchangeably on the city’s two major bus operators, Smart and DDOT, and on QLine streetcars.

The service, which initially launched on 1 May 2019, is expected to expand to include the city’s People Mover light rail service “in the near future”.

The move means that passengers can now opt to make payments using a contactless Dart card or with their mobile phone, using the new Dart app.

This allows them to select the duration of the pass they wish to purchase, pay and then use a dynamic QR code generated by the app to prove they have a valid pass.

A video shows how the mobile app works:

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