California winemaker to use NFC to provide buyers with a ‘farm-to-table’ experience

wine bottle top
CONNECTED PACKAGING: Böen Wines is adding NFC to its bottle tops to improve customer engagement

Böen Wines is to use NFC tags incorporated into all its bottle caps to let customers easily access information about where and how their wine was made, get advice on food pairings and “share their own experiences with Böen within the platform and via social media”.

Tapping the bottle’s cap with an Android or iOS smartphone will open a portal that “takes you to Böen’s farmhouse” and provides “unparalleled information about the wine”, the new venture from winemaker Joseph Wagner explains.

“There is increasing consumer demand for connected packaging across a range of technologies,” says Cameron Worth, CEO of SharpEnd, the agency that implemented the solution for Böen Wines.

“We know from experience that brands who leverage connected packaging to drive engagement can learn more about what their consumers want and keep up with emerging trends.

“A rollout of this scale has been a long time coming, and SharpEnd is very proud to support this trailblazing commitment from Böen.”

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