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Kobelli to use NFC to track diamonds on the blockchain

Scattered diamonds
REAL BLING: Kobelli’s blockchain-based NFC platform verifies jewellery authenticity

Diamond jewellery maker Kobelli is to use a blockchain-based NFC platform to provide its customers with a way to securely verify the authenticity of their purchases.

The company is working with Bonafi, a blockchain company that specialises in the authentication of goods purchased online, to deliver the new service.

“Bonafi supplies a physical hardware tag that is securely encrypted in silicon with cryptography and coupling the data with an immutable digital ledger,” the company says.

“Bonafi’s solution tracks all items in the supply chain and makes the data readily available to consumers.”

The goal is to “provide improved traction, brand satisfaction and increased customer rewards,” Steve Kuh, Bonafi’s CEO, explains.

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