Swish pilots Bluetooth boxes for mobile payments in Swedish stores

Payment terminal and card
CONVENIENT: Adding a Bluetooth box to a POS terminal enables NFC-like ‘Tap and Pay’

Swedish P2P and online payments app Swish is moving into in-store payments with a pilot test of a Bluetooth box that can be added to merchants’ existing POS terminals to deliver “an NFC-like ‘tap and pay’ experience”.

“Swish and Nets’ new solution for in-store payments is scalable and enables a quick and convenient check-out,” says technology supplier Nets.

“The payment terminal display and app user interface clearly show consumers how to make payments using Swish.

“Furthermore, the pairing between the mobile app and the payment terminal is uniform to prevent any uncertainty about which payment method is being used — for example, if a consumer has multiple payment apps on their smartphone.

“Merchants can also use the payment function to improve loyalty concepts and digital communication with their customers.”

The initial pilot is taking place at two restaurants and will then expand to additional merchants later this year.

“Integration with merchants’ systems is simple and requires only the addition of a ‘Bluetooth box’ to Nets payment acceptance terminals,” Nets explains.

“This means that many merchants will not need to purchase new terminals to accept Swish payments. The in-store payments functionality also enables better loyalty programmes, as Bluetooth technology opens up use cases such as real-time, geo-tagged offers.”

“Seven million Swedes walk around with the Swish app in their pocket, and it’s clear that the demand for easier in-store payments is increasing,” says Swish marketing manager Pär Ekroth. “As such, we are pleased to offer mobile payments functionality to our customers.”

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