Walmart combines blockchain and QR codes to let Chinese consumers verify source of fresh produce in stores

Label on food
DATA RICH: Walmart customers will be able to scan QR codes on stickers to get extra product information

Walmart customers in China will soon be able to scan QR codes on stickers attached to fresh meat, rice, mushrooms, cooking oil and other produce to acquire detailed product information including “the source of the scanned products and geographic location received by Walmart, logistics process, product inspection report, and many more data points”.

An initial batch of 23 product lines has now been tested and launched on the new Walmart China Blockchain Traceability Platform with an additional 100 product lines across 10 categories due to go live by the end of this year.

By the end of 2020, 50% of all packaged fresh meat sales are expected to be traceable via the platform, along with 40% of packaged vegetables and 12.5% of seafood.

“Walmart has always worked to provide reliable products of quality and convenient services to customers, which is our core value proposition,” says Shi Jiaqi, chief corporate affairs officer at Walmart China.

“With this target in mind, Walmart has continuously invested in the whole supply chain, from source procurement, commodity strategy and supply chain construction, to store and e-commerce platform operation management. We use digital methods to improve efficiency and transparency, providing products and services of quality to customers and making life better for busy families in China.”

The proprietary platform has been built using the VeChainThor Blockchain, in collaboration with PwC, China Chain-Store & Franchise Association (CCFA) and Inner Mongolia Kerchin Co.

“Participants in the supply chain will share their portion of data, and promote the visibility and management efficiency of the whole chain by utilising the decentralsed and tamper-proof blockchain technology,” VeChain explains.

“This platform enhances the transparency of product information, ensures the authenticity of product data, and boosts the trust of their consumers. In the future, the Walmart China Traceability Platform shall adopt multilateral cooperation, synchronising data from local governments’ traceability platforms and suppliers’ own platforms, so as to provide customers with safe and high-quality products.”

“As the platform continues to expand, more categories of food will be traceable and thus the value transfer will be further expanded.”

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