Apple includes NFC tag writing in major upgrade to Core NFC framework

Apple's Siri Shortcuts NFC stickers
TAGS: Apple is providing writable NFC stickers to developers attending WWDC

Updates to Apple’s Core NFC framework in iOS 13 will make it possible to write to NFC tags from an iPhone for the first time.

Support will also be added for a new kind of ‘value added service’ tag and for reading and writing to ISO 7816 smart cards and tags and ISO 15693 (NFC Forum Type 5) vicinity cards and tags. Integration with Siri Shortcuts for single tap, multi-step automated workflows is also being added.

Details of the new features unveiled by Apple at this week’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) include:

Sample code for creating NFC tags from an iPhone has also been released, enabling the user to “save data to tags, and interact with them using native tag protocols”.

Further details are expected to be released during “Core NFC Enhancements”, a WWDC session on 7 June, which promises to enable attendees to “learn how easy it is to add support for NFC in your app and take advantage of the newest capabilities such as NDEF writing and support for widely adopted native tag protocols”.

Apple also revealed during the keynote at this week’s WWDC 19 event that it is adding support for NFC P2P sharing.

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