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Contactless diamond bracelet lets owners spend up to £1m

Contactless bracelet
LUXURY WEARABLE: Armillion’s diamond-encrusted bracelet can be used for payment as well as keyless home and vehicle entry

Swiss FinTech brand Armillion has unveiled the ultimate in wearable technology: a contactless payment bracelet that’s decorated with 252 cut diamonds, costs more than £60,000 (US$78,362) and can be used for purchases of up to £1m (US$1.3m).

The Armillion Adamontos bracelet which has a limited production run of 10 and is also compatible with home and vehicle security systems for keyless entry joins a number of other models in the Armillion range.

Users can apply to raise the contactless limit on any Adamontos contactless bracelet up to a £1m maximum after a verification and due diligence process by Mastercard and the issuing bank.

“Our customer base is quite select and not massive so all those procedures are quite easy to manage, offering the right customer experience,” a spokesperson for Armillion told NFC World.

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