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NXP spells out NFC’s role in automated stores

PARTNER NEWS: An RFID expert at NXP has explained how UHF RFID and NFC will be key building blocks in bringing about retail’s autonomous future in an article on the company’s website.

NXP“Retailers understand that making you wait to pay can be bad for business, so they’re finding ways to eliminate manned checkout stations,” says the chip maker’s Mahdi Mekic. “In an unmanned store, Rain RFID and NFC work on their own or in combination to initiate a buying session, monitor inventory, interact with consumers, track product selections, and make payments.”

In the article Mekic looks at the reasons retailers want to move to friction-free shopping, the benefits, the different approaches and technologies and where they are being tried, and how the two wireless technologies underpin it all. You can read the full article on the NXP blog.

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