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MWC: Wearable Payment Summit slides now available to download

Sarah Clark, Rob Morgan, Brian Pemberton, Valerie Gleize, André Lovestam and Wayne Leung at MWC Barcelona
PANEL: (L-R) Sarah Clark, Rob Morgan, Brian Pemberton, Valerie Gleize, André Lovestam and Wayne Leung answer questions from the audience at MWC Barcelona

Presentations from the Wearable Payment Summit at MWC Barcelona 2019 are now available to download from the NFC World Knowledge Centre. The summit featured speakers from Tappy Technologies, Barclays, Timex, Gemalto and Zwipe, and was moderated by NFC World’s editor Sarah Clark.

The all-morning conference was held on Tuesday 26 February 2019 and saw each speaker draw on their extensive experiences in the market to put the case for building payment functionality into wearables such as wristwatches and jewellery.

  • Wayne Leung, CEO at Tappy Technologies, opened the event with a keynote outlining the market opportunity presented by adding payments to traditional watches and presenting Tappy’s solution for bringing payments functionality to the traditional timepiece market.
  • Rob Morgan, head of sales and partnerships at Barclays, examined the rise of contactless payments in the UK and how the bank has evolved its bPay wearable payments offering as new opportunities and technologies have emerged.
  • Brian Pemberton, VP of advanced concepts at Timex Group, looked back at the rich history behind one of the world’s oldest watchmakers — and at the opportunity that wearable payments presents to traditional watch brands.
  • Valerie Gleize, product marketing manager for banking and payments at Gemalto, discussed how tokenization, token service providers and the different hardware wearable payment form factors now available can help watch and jewellery brands build secure payment products.
  • André Lovestam, CEO at fingerprint biometric specialist Zwipe, looked at the potential for biometric security to drive the mass market adoption of wearable payments and how biometrics could hold the key to attracting millennial consumers.

Readers can download the full slide deck from the Wearable Payment Summit from the NFC World Knowledge Centre.

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