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E Sun Bank fits face recognition to ATMs

E-Sungs biometric ATM

E Sun Commercial Bank has fitted face recognition security to its ATMs. The Taiwanese Bank is using NeoFace technology from NEC Corporation to authenticate uses at ATMs in five different locations. “These are the world’s first facial recognition automation ATMs with one-time password technology,” says the company.

On first use the customer inserts their bank card into one of the ATMs and a camera takes a photograph of their face. A one-time password is sent to their mobile phone within one minute and this has to be entered into the ATM to complete the registration. Both their photograph and their card’s PIN will be used when they withdraw money in future.

The system uses artificial intelligence to ensure that an actual person is standing in front of the ATM, rather than an image or someone wearing a mask being presented for authentication instead.

“NEC focuses on the social solutions business, and we will make use of this achievement to realize a safe and secure society,” says Takashi Yoshida, general manager of the safer city solutions division at NEC Corporation. “NEC will continue proposing innovative new solutions using biometric technologies, both in Taiwan and around the world.”

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