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Mastercard unveils ‘sonic brand’

Mastercard has introduced a ‘sonic brand identity’, a suite of sounds based around a melody that can be used in many different contexts to remind consumers they are dealing with the payments network.

“Wherever consumers engage with Mastercard across the globe — be it physical, digital or voice environments — the distinct and memorable Mastercard melody will provide simple, seamless familiarity,” says the company.

“The Mastercard melody is the foundation of the company’s sound architecture and will extend to many assets, from musical scores, sound logos and ringtones, to hold music and point-of-sale acceptance sounds.”

A two-minute video shows off the new Mastercard melody. (Skip straight to the core melody at 1:04):

Mastercard and rival payments network Visa have both been busy preparing their branding for wider use in digital and audio contexts. Visa introduced an audio “chirp” to boost digital brand awareness in October 2018, while just last month Mastercard dropped its name from its logo ‘in select contexts’.

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