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Apple patent allows drivers to secure vehicles with Touch ID on their phone

A diagram from Apple's patent application
PATENT: The system uses triangulation to work out if you are approaching the car or just walking past and can challenge for credentials if appropriate

Apple has applied for a patent for a system that uses the Touch ID or Face ID biometric authentication facility on its phones to unlock a car.

In use, the owner’s mobile phone would be sent a signal by the car as they move towards it. This triggers a signal back to the car which then asks for the person to verify their identity on the phone. The car would then unlock once their identity had been verified.

The system, detailed in an application called System and Method for Vehicle Authorization, could also be used to gain entry to an autonomous vehicle or, as Road Show by CNET reports, to adjust the seat position and radio settings to the individual user’s preferences. The system could also be combined with geofencing so that the user is prompted to make a payment on the phone when they are in a filling station.

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