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PNC Bank to offer dynamic CVV cards to commercial customers

The CVV changes every hour over the card's three-year battery life
DYNAMIC CVV: The card verification value changes every hour over the card’s three-year battery life

PNC Bank is piloting dynamic CVV cards that use an e-ink screen on the reverse of the card to display a continuously updated three-digit CVV security code. The US-based bank plans to begin offering the cards to its Treasury Management division’s commercial cardholders in early 2019.

PNC is using cards based on Visa’s Dynamic CVV2 Specification (dCVV2) for the pilot and is working with Idemia and Tsys, as well as Visa, on the project.

“Almost all US consumer and commercial credit cards now use EMV chip technology, which significantly reduces card-present counterfeit fraud since the EMV chip produces a one-time, dynamic code needed to process the transaction,” says Christopher Ward, head of product management at PNC Treasury Management.

“Now, we can further protect online and other card-not-present transactions with this new technology, with the ultimate goal of making every transaction, whether in store or online, as secure as possible.”

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