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French bank pilots fingerprint card that removes the contactless transaction limit

Societe Generale is testing 'no limit' contactless transactions with on-card biometric authentication

Societe Generale is testing the idea of issuing bank cards that incorporate a built-in fingerprint verification sensor with the aim of using the added security the cards provide to allow customers to make contactless payments “with no limit on the amount.”

“Because the cardholder authenticates himself by means of his finger rather than entering the PIN code, all payments can be made using contactless with no limit on the amount,” the bank says.

“Furthermore, the card functions normally for all contact-type payments in-store, on the internet or for withdrawals.

“On receipt of the card the cardholder records his fingerprint himself in the biometric card,” the bank adds. “The fingerprint is verified directly on the card. No element linked to this fingerprint is transmitted to the merchant or to the bank.”

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