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NFC World launches Go to Market service for innovative technology suppliers

NFC World has introduced a new service that provides product managers, business developers and marketing specialists with a simple and cost-effective way to identify and connect with potential customers and channel partners around the world.

Go to Market with NFCWGo to Market with NFCW leverages the influence of our global audience of senior executives, technical experts and decision makers and the market insight of our editorial team to turbocharge the adoption of next generation payments and near field communication products and services.

“Identifying and making initial contact with those elusive first few potential customers can be the hardest part of bringing an innovative new product or service to market,” says Sarah Clark, editor of NFC World.

“Go to Market with NFCW is designed to make it easy. There are no additional staff or agencies to recruit. And no time-consuming white papers, blog posts, social media campaigns or content marketing assets to create.

“All we need to start generating awareness and begin connecting you with potential customers is a copy of any sales and marketing materials you already have available and a couple of hours of your time, so we can get to know you, understand the benefits of your product and match our service to your goals.”

“We’re in a unique position to help,” Clark adds. “Our readers are actively looking for new technologies they can use to maintain their organization’s competitive edge.”

Readers interested in learning more about Go to Market with NFCW can find out more here.

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