SPA white paper examines the potential of bank cards with built-in biometric sensors

Cover shot: 'Biometrics in payment: Breaking down barriers with high value payments'

KNOWLEDGE CENTRE: Biometric sensor-on-card solutions, where a fingerprint sensor is built into a standard EMV card, “represent an important step forward for the finance industry, opening the way to eliminating fraud for issuers and cardholders, reducing costs and providing the additional security and identity verification required to support remote or cross-border transactions,” the authors of a new white paper conclude.

“Sensor-on-card functionality binds the card to one specific person, removing the possibility of contactless fraud, or transferring or delegating card usage; making the card truly personal and truly secure,” the authors say.

“Crucially, as the function is integrated on the card and completely local, there are minimal infrastructure costs.”

‘Biometrics in payment: Breaking down barriers with high value payments’ provides an overview of the current state of the market, details how biometrics can work with a smart payment card and explores how biometrics could improve customer service by lifting contactless card transaction limits.

Readers can download the full white paper from the NFC World Knowledge Centre here.

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