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India adds tokenization to Aadhaar national biometric ID system

Aadhaar adds fresh security layer with 16-digit ‘Virtual ID’ — Times of India — “UIDAI’s Virtual ID, which will be issued from March, will allow over 119 crore [1.19bn] Aadhaar holders to generate a 16-digit temporary number that can be shared with a bank, insurance company or telecom service provider instead of the 12-digit Aadhaar number. All service providers will have to upgrade their systems to mandatorily allow for the new tool from June.”

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  1. “Mandatory” has some advantages, particularly if done early. However, for such an important security function as tokenization, voluntary should be good enough. There will always be “foot draggers,” whatvever the motivation. In this case, they will be painting targets on their backs.

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