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Most US banks expected to renew Apple Pay contracts

They may not like the terms, but issuers will likely re-up for Apple Pay — Digital Transactions — “The first big wave of Apple Pay contracts are expiring this month, and a big question for both Apple Inc and the financial institutions that committed to support the computing giant’s mobile payments app is whether to renew, and under what terms, in the face of less-than-spectacular results for mobile payments generally… Expert observers and financial institution executives argue most if not all of the early signees are likely to re-up or have already done so, despite financial terms many experts consider unusual if not onerous.”

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  1. I use American Express with Apple Pay. However, I use Apple Pay with Bank of America for ATM withdrawals. I would be very unhappy if either of these failed to renew. The future is cashless, contactless, cordless, and (credit card account) numberless. The banks that do not get that will not be in the payments business.

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