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Mastercard promotes contactless card usage with free school meal donations

Every pay as you go journey in London made using a Mastercard will feed a child this October — Mastercard — “Touch in and out with your Mastercard on London’s transport network and we’ll provide a meal for one of the world’s hungriest children… For three weeks Mastercard will donate one school meal for every pay-as-you-go journey made on Transport for London (TfL) and National Rail Services in London using a contactless Mastercard, or a Mastercard loaded into Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay… Each school meal costs just 20p, but the benefits last a lifetime.”

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  1. It is tragic but it is not safe for children to carry currency. It makes them a target for bullies and drug dealers. They can cough up a debit card, report it stolen, and then it cannot be safely used by the bully. If they were to use it to buy drugs, it would be obvious to parents that is what it was used for and who the seller was.

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