Walmart adds instant card issuance to Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay instant card issuance
QUICK START: Customers can now get instant access to their new Walmart credit card on Walmart Pay

Customers of US supermarket giant Walmart will now be able to make in-store payments using their Walmart credit card as soon as they are approved through the retailer’s Walmart Pay QR code-based mobile payments service — without having to wait for the physical card to arrive in the post.

“With this functionality, from the moment they are approved, customers can use their new Walmart Credit Card at all Walmart store locations and on before their physical card even arrives in the mail,” Walmart says.

“The ability to immediately shop with seamless, secure access — whenever, however and wherever a customer wants — is now a reality. It’s yet another way we’re meeting customers where they are — on their mobile devices — and helping to make their lives easier and more convenient.”

Walmart Pay was launched in December 2015 and was rolled out across the US in 2016. It completed its nationwide rollout in July last year and at the time recorded a 45% increase in Walmart Pay transactions in one week.

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