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KPN and Vodafone launch SIM-based mobile payments for public transport

Commuters across the Netherlands can now make payments for travel across “all public transport operators” in the country by adding their OV transport card to their compatible NFC smartphone and tapping the phone against a reader before and after their journeys.

The service is being rolled out by mobile network operators KPN and Vodafone Netherlands with OV public transport card provider TransLink. The companies began piloting the SIM-based service in December 2015, allowing 200 commuters to add their OV card to their smartphones to pay for journeys.

The mobile app allows users to automatically recharge their OV card and shows them the balance of their accounts as well as reminders to make sure they tap to check out at the end of their journey. More payment options including student discounts will be implemented “during 2017 and 2018”.

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