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Singapore banks add in-store QR code payments to mobile apps

OCBC Pay Anyone
NETS GAIN: DBS and OCBC are adding in-store mobile payments to their P2P platforms

Customers of Singapore’s DBS Bank and OCBC Bank will soon be able to make in-store mobile payments by scanning a QR code at any point-of-sale terminal belonging to the country’s electronic payments network Nets.

The feature will be added to the DBS PayLah! P2P and online payments platform and the OCBC Pay Anyone P2P payments service.

Both DBS and OCBC also offer support for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay in Singapore. OCBC added Siri and iMessage payments to its Pay Anyone service in October 2016.

“DBS PayLah! Users will soon be able to make QR code payments on Nets terminals at a number of merchants across various categories which include transport, retail, fashion and F&B [food and beverage],” Nets says. “Some 2,000 Nets terminals will be enabled with this capability in the next two months and 10,000 by the end of the year.

“OCBC’s Pay Anyone customers can also make QR code payments at selected merchants with Nets terminals from May onwards, and users can make payments of up to S$1,000 (US$718) per day.”

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