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ABN Amro shares lessons learned deploying a mobile wallet service

From SIM-based NFC to HCE: ABN Amro’s search for the right mobile payments solution

Convenience, speed, reliability and security are the four most important pillars to building and delivering a successful mobile payment service, says Dutch bank ABN Amro’s senior product manager for mobile payments.

Seven key lessons the bank has learned along the way are also shared with readers in an in-depth paper by Jos van de Kerkhof which is now available to download from the NFC World Knowledge Centre.

Customer enrolment needs to be intuitive and simple without unnecessary detours and both the payment and the sign-up process should be fast, van de Kerkhof explains. The product should always work and be easy to understand, he adds, while security must be provided at the highest possible level.

Seven lessons the bank has learned during its multi-year journey to launching a successful service are set out in “From SIM-based NFC to HCE: ABN Amro’s search for the right mobile payments solution”. They include:

  • Encountering a “shocking” payment success rate at the start;
  • Every phone and payment terminal behaves differently;
  • Don’t let security hinder convenience too much;
  • Designing a mobile wallet is different to any other mobile app;
  • A quicker uptake from men and younger users is to be expected;
  • Mobile payments are innovative and receive positive feedback from customers;
  • Customers want more than just mobile payments.

“While our customers are very happy with the ABN Amro Wallet and mobile debit cards, they also mention that they want more,” van de Kerkhof says. “They want more features, more convenience and more places to pay. These items are also the closest on our development roadmap.”

Readers can download van de Kerkhof’s eight-page paper, which provides a wealth of insight and advice, free of charge from the NFC World Knowledge Centre.

• This document is part of What’s New in Payments, a 104-page special report from NFC World that explores and explains the latest payment trends and technologies. You can download the entire report here.

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  1. “Convenience, speed, reliability and security,” in that order but inseparable. We cannot have any one at the expense of the others. That is my conclusion after fifty years as an advocate for computer application security.

    Mobile wallets, for both payment and credentials, may represent the greatest opportunity to improve security that we are likely to see in years. If we want the security, we have to focus on the other necessary properties.

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