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White paper explores how identification technologies are transforming the industrial and commercial landscape

HID Global Transforming Industrial Commercial Landscape Identification Technology
DRIVING CHANGE: HID Global white paper examines the role of disruptive technologies

A four-page white paper that explores how identification technologies such as RFID, NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) are transforming the industrial and commercial landscape by making it possible for businesses to generate actionable results from large amounts of data is now available to download from the NFC World Knowledge Centre.

‘Transforming the Industrial and Commercial Landscape with Identification Technology’, produced by HID Global, provides an overview of different industries and geographical trends, how identification technology is being used across different applications and takes a look at how disruptive technologies, such as Bluetooth beacons, are driving industry changes.

“The future is bright for industries using passive RFID and more active identification technologies like BLE,” the white paper reads. “HID Global continues to see many applications across industries requiring tried and true solutions that have the scalability to keep up with the ever changing technology landscape.”

This white paper has been produced and sponsored by HID Global and has been approved by the NFC World editorial team. You can download this document free of charge from the NFC World Knowledge Centre.

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