One in five US smartphone owners use mobile payments in stores

Nearly 20% of US smartphone owners have used a mobile payment app at a retail location, research released by Parks Associates shows. “PayPal is overwhelmingly the most used payment app with 63% of payment app users choosing this payment solution, compared to 38% who use the Starbucks app,” the firm says, adding that 80% of consumers are “very satisfied” with the mobile payment apps they use.

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  1. I have a problem with these numbers; perhaps with “in stores.” While PayPal is widely accepted on-line, I rarely see a merchant that accepts PayPal at the point of sale. My PayPal app, shows four locations, two merchants, between 4.7 and 7.3 miles from my residence. Neither is what I would consider to be a high volume of transactions merchant.

    Starbucks is half a mile from my house. It has its own app, one of the earliest, based on bar-code, but it also accepts Apple Pay. Indeed the Starbucks app, where one pays aheadt, accepts Apple Pay. There are two supermarkets, one chain, one single location, between me and that Starbucks that accept Apple Pay.

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