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Bus operator reports QR and NFC adoption stats

Bus passengers in the UK county of West Yorkshire are using QR codes and NFC at bus stops 10,000 times every week to retrieve travel information. West Yorkshire Combined Authority fitted QR codes and NFC tags on all of the county’s 14,500 bus stops in October 2015. “In 2016, passengers used QR codes and NFC chips over 400,000 times,” the organisation says.

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  1. Metro-North commuter railroad distributed their mobile ticketing app about six months ago. Use must be growing. Last night, for the first time, I heard a conductor make an announcement specific to it. For thr moment, the conductor simply looks at the app to ensure that the displayed e-ticket is for the route and class of service, much as he would a monthly pass. The e-ticket could have been purchased and stored in the mobile at any time within the past year but must have been “activated” before boarding the train. However, the app does display a bar code and has suggested that in the future conductors will scan the code to reduce human error.

    The app permits the passenger to pay with any credit card but on an iPhone, one can also pay with Apple Pay.

    In any case, it has made travel much more convenient.

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