Apple Pay records 50% growth in 2016, as mobile apps and websites prove most popular

TXN research
RETAIL SALES: Duane Reade tops table for Apple Pay credit card use (Click to expand)

The number of monthly US Apple Pay credit card transactions conducted in-app, online and at the in-store point of sale grew by 50% between December 2015 and December 2016, research released by consumer spending analytics portal TXN reveals, with mobile apps and websites attracting the highest proportion of transactions.

US convenience store chain Duane Reade has the highest proportion of Apple Pay credit card transactions out of all supporting in-store locations with 1.80%, followed by supermarket chain Whole Foods with 1.70%. All other in-store retailers have Apple Pay transaction volumes of less than 1%. Starbucks falls in last place with just over 0.40%.

Looking at all supporting retailers across in-store, in-app and online, mobile apps and websites attract the highest proportion of Apple Pay credit card transactions, with lodging app Hotel Tonight topping the list with about 3.40%, followed by food delivery services Caviar (3.30%), Postmates (2.60%) and DoorDash (2.45%).

When looking at websites specifically, grocery provider takes the highest share with 2%, followed by gift card marketplace with 1.70%. The least popular website for Apple Pay credit card transactions is AirBnB with about 0.20%.

“We looked at our panel of transactions from over 3m payment cards to learn more about the adoption of Apple Pay by consumers,” TXN says. “For some of the card issuing banks, we are able to distinguish payments made with Apple Pay from other payments.

“Apple Pay had strong growth in 2016, but still accounts for a fairly small percent of all credit card transactions, leaving lots of room for further growth. The businesses with fastest Apple Pay adoption are, unsurprisingly, apps and websites popular on Apple mobile devices.”

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