Smart machines to enter mainstream in five years

Smart machines incorporating cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning will enter mainstream adoption by 2021, with 30% adoption by large companies, a report from Gartner says. Spending on smart machine consulting and system integration services will rise from US$451m in 2016 to nearly US$29bn in 2021, the technology research company adds. “Smart machines will profoundly change the way work is done and how value is created,” says Susan Tan from Gartner.

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  1. The last time we saw such an increase in productivity was when the tractor was introduced to agriculture. It took us two generations, two world wars, and a world wide depression to make the necessary adjustments.

    This time we have history to guide us but we have far less time. We must provided support for those who are deskilled, shorten the work week by half, and double schooling so that we do not have to slaughter another generation of the young.

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