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PKO Bank Polski customers get Trusted Profiles to access government services using banking ID

Some 35,000 customers of Polish bank PKO Bank Polski have created Trusted Profiles which allow them to log in to government services, file an application for an ID card or driving licence, obtain a criminal record certificate and sign documents electronically using only their banking IDs.

PKO Bank Polski“The created profile allows [customers] to log in and sign electronically applications and forms on selected public administration sites,” PKO Bank Polski says. “This takes place similarly to the quick payments in e-stores.

“The bank authenticates the provided customer’s data and then re-logs the customer to the selected service or allows to confirm the submitted instruction or application. At the same time, at no point are data exchanged between the authority and the bank, thus making the process safe and confidential.”

Digital Poland

“Customers may order EKUZ [European health insurance] cards, file an application for ID card or driving licence, notify the sale of a car, obtain copies of birth, marriage or death certificates or register their business activity,” the bank adds.

“They may also freely use all the functions of the PUE ZUS [electronic services platform] service, quickly obtain a criminal record certificate or an individual tax interpretation.”

The service forms part of the Polish government’s ‘From Paper to Digital Poland’ project aimed at allowing Poles to use their banking ID and password to log in to a variety of services using their banking ID.

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