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Early results show positive future for Kohl’s Pay

Kohl's Pay
POSITIVE FEEDBACK: 40% of Kohl’s Pay users are sending offers from their wallet

Since US department store chain Kohl’s rolled out its Kohl’s Pay QR code-based mobile payments service last month, week over week the retailer has witnessed a 70% increase in enrollment with user transactions doubling over the same period.

Nearly all (99%) of Kohl’s Pay users are Yes2You Rewards members and 40% of users are sending offers from their wallet. The service has also been used in all 49 states across the US, with at least one transaction made in two thirds of the retailer’s stores.

“It’s been just a few weeks since Kohl’s launched Kohl’s Pay, a mobile payment offering exclusively for our Kohl’s charge customers, and customer feedback has been extremely positive,” says Ratnakar Lavu, Kohl’s chief technology officer.

A video gives an overview of Kohl’s Pay:

“Early results indicate Kohl’s Pay provides incredible value and convenience for our loyalty customers and we look forward to carrying this momentum into the holiday shopping season,” Lavu adds.

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