App users positive on mobile payments

Consumers like the majority of mobile payment apps on the market and expectations of digital banking and payments are rising, according to a survey of user reviews of America’s flagship apps. ARC — the research arm of digital experience testing company Applause — found Chase leads the mobile banking industry, taking both top spots across banking and payment apps, while Citi and Capital One improved dramatically.

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  1. Like many surveys, if you ask the wide population about “mobile payments,” in the abstract, there is little acceptance, much less enthusiasm. On the other hand, if you ask the users of a mobile payment app, you get a very different answer.

    (I picked up a lunch check for ten at Cheesecake Factory just so I could use their CakePay app. Proved to be very convenient. Secure too, because it incorporates Apple Pay and MasterPass in app. Just give you server a four digit number generated in the app, see your bill in the app, and pay with a tap. Both convenient and secure.)

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