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ABN Amro enables payment requests through Apple’s Siri

Tikkie & Siri
SPEAK UP: The Tikki mobile app is to take payment requests through Siri voice commands

Customers of Dutch bank ABN Amro will soon be able to use Apple’s Siri voice command system to create payment requests by speaking through Tikkie, the mobile app launched by the bank in June 2016 to enable purchases to be requested and sent through messaging platform WhatsApp.

“With Tikkie interfacing with Siri, it will be even easier for users to ask for payments,” ABN Amro says. “They give the instructions and Siri does all the work. The user states the amount and description, and then simply chooses who will receive the request.

“ABN Amro’s decision to implement Siri in Tikkie comes in response to the growing preference among users to operate their telephones using voice commands.”

“Tikkie is already the easiest payment app in the Netherlands,” says Frank Verkerk, chief digital officer at ABN Amro. “By adding Siri, we hope to offer our users even more convenience.”

Tikkie works by creating a link that can be sent with a WhatsApp message. The person who receives the message is directed to Dutch payment method iDeal and the money is automatically credited to the requester’s existing current account. It has already been installed by more than 100,000 users, according to the bank.

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