NXP rebrands Mifare SDK as TapLinx

PARTNER NEWS: NXP has updated its Mifare SDK and changed the name of the developer tool to TapLinx. The update allows “smoother and faster” creation of Android-based NFC mobile applications and offers support for the company’s Mifare, NTAG and iCode products, integrating NXP’s entire NFC smart objects portfolio into one open API.

NXPMifare SDK was the original development application for those wanting to create their own NFC applications for Android smartphones. The app will not be maintained anymore, “but existing customers will get product support when needed,” according to NXP.

“First and foremost, the creation and development of applications will be easier and quicker — complex low-level commands are easier to find in the TapLinx Javadoc,” the company explains. “TapLinx’s open API for mobile NFC development shortens the time from idea to market significantly.

“TapLinx integrates NXP’s whole NFC smart objects portfolio in one open API, meaning that the developer won’t have to dig for details in complex data sheets and making the user experience easier — developers can experience our Mifare, NTAG and iCode products with ease.

“TapLinx supports all three of these product families, with over 20 product variations. TapLinx will be a one-stop shop for creating Android apps, community exchange, support and purchasing NFC products, engaging with many partners to ensure the seamless development of your app.”

The company will be hosting a free webinar to share further information about TapLinx on 5 October 2016.

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