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Smartphone cases get bPay to enable NFC mobile payments

Case Station
BEST-CASE SCENARIO: A new range of handset protectors comes with integrated NFC tech

Smartphone case manufacturer Case Station has integrated Barclaycard’s bPay contactless payment technology into its new range to allow consumers to make NFC mobile purchases with a tap of their handset at any contactless terminal.

“All the Case Station cases have been created to discreetly hold a small bPay contactless chip, which will allow users to make touch and go payments for £30 and under (US$39.73) easily and quickly without fumbling for cash or entering a PIN wherever they see the contactless symbol,” Barclaycard says.

“Spending can be tracked using the iOS and Android app. The bPay chip links to a secure digital wallet and can be used by anyone holding a UK-registered Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card.

“Users conveniently add funds to their wallet on the go using the mobile app or online through the bPay web portal or by setting up an automatic top-up which will add funds when their balance falls below a pre-set level.”

The new range of Case Station handset protectors are compatible with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and LG mobiles.

“bPay is the ideal addition to the Case Station range as it instantly turns your phone into a way of making simple, flexible and secure contactless payments for everyday purchases,” says Tami Hargreaves, commercial director of digital consumer payments at Barclaycard.

“It’s linked to any Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card and is managed by the bPay app which can be installed on the phone itself, giving users full control of how much they spend and where. bPay is about giving customers choice and this new range offers them a convenient alternative to other mobile payment options.”


“The Case Stations cases will help customers navigate retail, transport and entertainment transactions rapidly, securely and stylishly,” adds Case Station CEO Peter Woodd.

The bPay Band was launched in June 2014 at the Pride in London and British Summer Time events in Hyde Park before being discontinued in May 2015. The company introduced its second generation bPay devices in June of the same year.

Topshop x bPay was launched by the UK fashion retailer in November 2015, featuring a range of accessories incorporating Barclaycard’s bPay contactless payment technology and enabling shoppers to make tap and go payments at contactless terminals. A second collection arrived in June of this year.

Barclaycard unveiled Loop in July 2016, the fourth product in its bPay contactless payment device range, taking the form of a contactless chip which lets consumers add NFC purchase capability to wearable devices they already own.

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