NAB to allow instant use of approved cards through NAB Pay

Customers of National Australia Bank (NAB) will soon be able to use the bank’s NAB Pay host card emulation (HCE) based mobile payment app to make purchases via newly approved personal Visa credit cards without having to wait for the physical card to arrive in the mail.

NAB Pay The feature forms part of a new banking app that NAB will launch later this year, which will also give users more card transaction controls in order to “conveniently and instantly self-manage their personal Visa debit and credit cards through their mobile device,” according to NAB.

“In an Australian first, NAB customers will be able to instantly use newly approved personal Visa credit cards with an innovative digital contract feature in the new app not seen anywhere else in the world,” the bank says.

“This means customers will be able to instantly use their new credit card through NAB Pay for contactless transactions of less than $100 (US$75), without having to wait for their physical card.”

“NAB’s new mobile banking experience will include a range of other features, including the ability for customers to place a temporary block on any card that may have been lost or stolen,” NAB adds. “An open pilot of the new app will commence soon for compatible Android devices, providing thousands of customers the opportunity to provide feedback. During the pilot and after the app is launched in full later this year, features on the app will be released in stages.”


“Customers will be able to control what type of payments can be made through the app — for example, if you’ve provided a secondary card to a family member, you can choose ‘Don’t Allow’ for online purchases on that card,” says NAB executive general manager of consumer lending, Angus Gilfillan.

“Our customers have been and will continue to be extensively involved in the development of our new app because we are absolutely committed to delivering our customers the experience they want.”

NAB launched an instant card feature on NAB Pay in June 2016 allowing customers to have lost or stolen Visa credit cards instantly reissued to their mobile devices. NAB Pay was launched in January this year and had signed up 18,000 users by April.

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